Thursday, November 29, 2018

A new project. Design and install a cutting-edge, music system for a discerning dental client.

We do IT consulting for discerning dental offices.  Our customers understand the value of implementing corporate-quality IT solutions in their small business environment.  Although the up-front cost is greater, choosing corporate solutions reduces long-term costs, improves reliability and makes for a far more enjoyable user experience.  The workstations and servers that we install easily last 8 - 10 years while still providing adequate performance and response time.

This fall, one of our clients asked us to design and install a high-end, music system for his office.  He had a sizable music collection residing on iTunes, various music streaming platforms and physical hard disks, and wanted a way to access his collection while he was treating patients.

In addition to high-quality, stereo speakers in the ceilings, we added 100 watt amplification to each room, coupled to wired remotes on the wall that controlled volume, music selection and power to the room's system.  We also added Apple-based music servers, digital DACs, and wireless remotes tied to the IPAD platform that allowed the customer to choose selections, program play lists, and choose music moods.  We also designed the system to be managed remotely from any workstation in the office, instead of from the console in the server closet.

The system has proven itself to be reliable, easy-to-use, and of far better quality than most of the installs usually seen in this environment.